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    17 January 2006

    Beltway GOP: 'You Figure it Out' and 'What is a La, Labi, Lobbyistst?'

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    This is going to be a long (and fun) winter and spring (maybe fall too) if the Repubs just keep playing dumb WRT Abramoff. I mean you have Santorum today acting like he has never heard of the 'K-Street Project', but that was (of course) after he flippidy-floppity did.

    Meanwhile Hastert is claiming that "...a year ago most people around Congress couldn't tell you who Jack Abramoff was...".

    How can that be? The man moved millions around Washington, everybody knew him and he favored Republicans; Repubs with power. Heck I knew who he was at least a year ago. Damn, I must have some serious connections.

    Elsewhere, the Scotty M show was as pointless and answerless as ever.
    The White House is refusing to reveal details of tainted lobbyist Jack Abramoff's visits with President Bush's staff.

    Abramoff had "a few staff-level meetings" at the Bush White House, presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said Tuesday. But he would not say with whom Abramoff met, which interests he was representing or how he got access to the White House.

    Which means:
    Your the reporter you find out. We couldn't possibly have done anything corrupt so I won't even look (and by 'look' I mean tell ya).


    Everyone look over here; Middle East democracy, shiny object, The Plame leaker, anything!

    But for God sakes, Republicans do not know what lobbying is. They don't even believe it is a word. In fact, only terrorists use that word! Watch it asshole, I can have your phone tapped in a heartbeat!


    Which we would never do.


    Next question.

    I mean come on people.

    Posted by Geoff

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