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    04 August 2006

    Hagel: Bush policies will lead to an "even a worse defeat"

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    In the past week I've repeatedly called on conservative smear-artists in the SC blogosphere, as well as nationwide, to be fair when they smear people for the comments that they make. So far they have not reacted to comments by Republicans like Senator Chuck Hagel or Representative John Kline with proportionate reactions. Fortunately, Sen. Hagel has offered yet another chance. Thursday, Hagel observed that Iraq was "moving closer and closer to a straight-out civil war" and increasing troops in Baghdad - by moving them from other parts of the country - is "only going to make it worse for us" resulting in an "even worse defeat." Hagel concluded that the US should begin the cut-n-run within the next six months.

    Again the opportunity to condemn such anti-Americanism arises for bloggers like Chip of The Chip Mathis Experience, JT of OldController, and Mike of new wars to respond to these comments. I'd put my money on them conveniently ignoring these statements yet again.

    More at ThinkProgress.org

    Posted by Geoff

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