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    30 July 2006

    Turkish troops enter Northern Iraq

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    Or we could call it what it is, Kurdistan.
    ...[A]pproximately 200-strong Turkish unit entered northern Iraq on Wednesday afternoon and moved towards Dohuk. Village guards accompanied the military unit as it penetrated two kilometers into Iraq, he said, and added that they left the region after a few hours. [TDN]

    More background on the Turkish-PKK developments...

    A Turkey - Kurdistan front?

    The US comes around WRT the PKK

    At this point this all means little, but in the coming months and if the situation in Iraq stays the same the talk of partition will spread from Baghdad (where it is currently) into the mainstream world media. This latest incursion illustrates how willing the Turkish government is to take care of business within Iraqi territory and also how limited the Iraqi and American forces are to stop it. This operation may have been approved by the US but at this point that is still unknown. The fact that Massoud Barzani ('Prez.' of Kurdistan) has labeled this and similar instances of Turkish incursions into N. Iraq an act of war makes me think that this was unilateral. This also shows us how willing Turkey will be to intervene in the region should developments threaten their state.

    Posted by Geoff

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