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    26 August 2006

    Lang and the "Fight 'em there or fight 'em here" crowd

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    That line of thought has been abandoned by the majority as it has either lost its bite politically or - more likely - everyone realizes that it is BS. Pat Lang places a flower on the grave.
    s there a causal connection between civil war and insurgency in Iraq and an absence of Jihadi attacks in the United States?

    Let's see - What would it be?

    - People now fighting us in Iraq would otherwise be fighting us in the streets of Peoria? How? There were no Iraqis among the 9/11 attackers. The bogus claims of people like Stephen Hayes that evidence exists of Saddamist/Al-Qa'ida collaboration are a fraud. The only people who say or think that anymore are the simple minded dupes of the Bush Administration, committed neocons like the AEI crowd and the merely ambitious and venal hoping to have a few "bones" thrown their way.

    - War in Iraq keeps the Jihadis fully occupied so that they don't have the planning energy left to work against the West in Europe or the United States. Hello!! Madrid, London twice, Indonesia, etc.

    The fact is that the War does one thing. It gives the Jihadis a convenient place to fight us and it may in the future give the Iranians a place to fight us on their own terms.

    The RNC crowd are still saying this egregious crapola as a response to anything they don't like. Ridiculous.

    Ah, yes, what will be the reponse to this thought? -Leftist- Defeatist- Jihadi Sympathizer - Someone who wants Saddam back in office, etc.

    Sorry, I do love freedom, but the present Iraqi government ain't it. No. It is the triumph of Twelver Shiism. This is something the Shia had never managed for themselves, but they have done well with the help of folks like Chalabi, my friend Reuel Gerecht and Zal Khalilzad (greatest American of all time according to Biden).

    Posted by Geoff

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