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    17 August 2006

    Drinking Liberally - Charleston, SC - home sweet home

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    well Charleston isn't that sweet, but It'll do for now. Spent the last couple of days packing up my stuff and returning from an amazing summer in Washington, DC. Pleanty of stories to be told, and here's a great place to start.
    The Adventures of Superbush. It is that again. Join us Thursday night at 5:30 p.m. at Juanita Greenberg's for another exciting episode of The Adventures of Superbush! We shall be out back on the covered patio awaiting your liberal presence.

    In this week's episode we find that Superbush has left the refuge of the Fortress of Fake Cowboyness in Crawford for political speechifying and strategerizing and money-raising around the country for fellow members of the League of Injustice. On his way of Crawford, Superbush's pet British poodle Tony Blair managed to uncover a nest of stunned and bewildered Wannabe Terrorists who were thinking about maybe one day making some make magic gatorade. Superbush, speaking to reporters, to full credit for uncovering the nest of Wannabe Terrorists he called Islamofascists while Blair gazed adoringly at his master. Superbush then leapt into the air, leaving the awe-struck reporters of the So-Called Liberal Media behind to attend a secret meeting with his base: the Have's and Have More's where Superbush declared that he had never tried to connect 9/11/01 or Al Qaeda with Iraq or Sodamn Insane. I must have missed the part where Superbush and everyone else in his Misadministration did not say that.

    This announcement prompted Edward R. Murrow, reincarnated as Keith Olbermann, to ask "Who is he f-ing kiddin'?" Well, approximately 50% of the American people, according to some of the latest polls. They really need to join us at Drinking Liberally because they obviously need a drink to clear their minds. But you should watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC weeknights at 8:00 p.m. if you are not already doing so. (I know you can't watch on Thursday nights because you'll be drinking liberally.)

    Let's see, Katherine "Superwoman " Harris (R-Abrahoff) is still fumbling her senatorial campaign so badly that no other member of the League of Injustice will even speak her name. Still, using her Boobies of Power she managed to find an opossum in, well, an opossum pit at a fair. George Felix "The Coach" Allen, Jr. (R-VA) welcomed an real Virginian to America after using his mother's favorite French racial slur on the real Virginia student. The real Virginia student, who films The Coach for opponent Jim Webb, um, caught the incident on his camera.

    The Department of Homeland Insecurity (that's English for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti for you younger kids) raised its Idiocy Level to Piss-in-your-Pants Scared for flights originating from Great Britain and Shaking-in-your-Boots Scared for other flights having nothing to do with terrorist plans. The rest of us were just supposed to stay Scared for some reason or another. (Possibly an upcoming election of something, not sure?)

    On Saturday, August 19, 2006, Superbush's adventure in Iraq will have officially lasted longer than US involvement in World War II. Way to show them, Superbush.

    On a happy note. This just in from Drinking Liberally Headquarters (Justin Krebs) : "I apologize for the delay. We were waiting for a new shipment of bottle openers. They have arrived, and all will be sent to you in the next several days, along with some additional buttons to thank you for your patience." Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaawwww! New buttons and bottle openers will be arriving soon. Maybe not this week, but certainly by next week. (No. You did not read this same thing last week. You are psychic and foresaw it. BTW, I need some lottery numbers for Saturday.)

    So, quit being mean to the whiny righties and join us tomorrow night at Drinking Liberally.

    That is Drinking Liberally for this the 1,203th day since the declaring of "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq. We're your city leaders, goodnight and good luck.

    Liberally yours,
    Sadie, Leslie, Mike & Marilyn
    Juanita Greenberg's
    439 King Street - Downtown
    5:30pm until O'Someone Been Forgotten is located and captured
    This and every Thursday
    On King, just a couple of blocks above Calhoun. Look for the blinking lights.

    Posted by Geoff

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