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    04 March 2007

    The True Cold Heart and Closed Mind of American Conservatism?

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    Watch conservatives defend the internment of 120k Japanese during WWII and recommend the same for Muslim Americans presently, blame lack of conservative production in resent years on -- wait for it -- the Republican party (like these conservatives have anywhere to go besides the Republican party), express shock at Republicans talking about immigrants and immigration in the way that they do, see a Tancredo booster cover up his confederate flag lapel pin because he doesn't want to be filmed wearing it, see the right once again bring the tired old claim that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican (made by the National Black Republican Association, which was represented by none other than a white man), of course there was Mitt Romney's praise of Ann Coulter just before she goes out and implies that John Edwards is a "faggot" to roaring applause.

    So one question arises: Are you a conservative and if so, is this why?

    Posted by Geoff

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