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    22 February 2007

    SC Conservatives Join the Mainstream

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    Well at least in one respect...
    A majority of Republican voters in South Carolina believe global warming is occurring, but is a problem people can resolve, according to a new survey.

    Ayres, McHenry and Associates surveyed 500 Republicans likely to vote in the 2008 presidential primary. It found most respondents support a cap on carbon emissions and incentives for companies to stay below the carbon pollution limit.
    According to the survey of 500 South Carolina residents likely to vote in the 2008 Republican presidential primary:

    -56 percent of potential presidential primary voters think global warming is happening

    -53 percent believe it is possible to reduce the effects of global warming

    -81 percent think the United States should take action to reduce carbon dioxide coming from cars, factories and power plants.

    -53 percent supported a plan to cap carbon emissions and allow companies beneath the carbon limit to sell pollution credits to companies over the limit.

    -Nearly 9 out of 10 Republican primary voters say environmental issues are somewhat important

    Posted by Geoff

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