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    13 July 2007

    DeMint the next Vitter?

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    Here's what our Senator said in reference to Sen. David Vitter's (R-La) revelation that he has used adult "services" (h/t Think Progress):
    “I think all of us have to look at it and say, ‘We can be next. … This can be a very lonely and isolating place.’ I’m fairly surprised at how little it does happen.”

    Senator, are you apologizing or positioning yourself for your own revelation? I doubt it's the latter, I don't think DeMint has been in DC long enough and I'd be shocked if he would do such a thing (though I'm not ruling it out). He's just a typical IOKIYAR-type (It's OK if you're a republican) clearing the way for his allies.

    And how is DC an "lonely and isolating" place?

    [UPDATE] GH adds in the comments that DeMint has been in DC as long as Vitter. Sorry and thanks!

    Posted by Geoff

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