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    02 September 2007

    Has Mubarak died?

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    Maybe, maybe not. It's irrelevant to this post, but the reaction "reflects the current state of political polarization" in Egypt. Mubarak is nearly into his 80s and holds a place on a long list of MENA dictators and/or monarchs that will vacate their offices soon. In this post, linked above, Marc Lynch looks at the phenomena of rumor in a state as divided and diverse as Egypt.

    Lynch ends with:
    If Hosni Mubarak really has been incapacitated then we're going to be looking at an extremely tense transitional period, with the 'center' disappearing at the height of multiple political struggles. Even if he hasn't, the wildfire spread of the rumor and the tenor of the discussions suggest tremendous uncertainty about Egypt's political future.

    Posted by Geoff

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