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    10 September 2007

    Republicans move the goal posts again

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    We've seen so many goals promoted in regards to the occupation of Iraq. The mission has changed constantly from when it first entered the public conscience to today as we watch the Republicans reset there Iraqi agenda to fit their domestic agenda once again. We know now that president Bush's sole goal is to maneuver into "a position where the presidential candidates will be comfortable about sustaining a presence" so that we "stay longer" in Iraq. He doesn't care about the public will or the soldiers sacrifice. As long as we don't make changes to his failed policies, well that's good enough for him.

    In order to do this some reality--just enough really and selected conveniently--must be injected at opportune times. This is a long-standing trend with this administration. It began as the disarmament of Iraq. Then when they accepted the--once stated by the opposition--fact that there was nothing to disarm, it was expanded to regime change and freedom. Sensing that this wasn't enough to move the American populous towards another invasion, they added in the mythical connections between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. Then, of course the mission was accomplished... but that only lasted a few months. The occupation of Iraq, again, became a mission of freedom as "has been our mission all along" claimed the White House disingenuously. Soon after, it became clear that the 'freedom agenda' was 'hard work' and the goal was shifted to training Iraqis (this is where General Petraeus entered the political realm, conveniently right before the 2004 election. Nothing he wrote then bore fruit.). When that didn't go as planned the Administration shifted again towards promoting democracy. Months later they added that we were there to protect the "homeland" from the terrorists that were being created in Iraq. Nearly a year later the mission shifted again towards security for Iraqis. Early this year the Administrations line became the provision of security for centralized reconciliation while undermining it by embracing former terrorists in the fight against Al Qaeda in Iraq, a plan initiate by the Iraqis long before Bush's escalation. There is no guarantee that this aid wont--in one form or another--be used against US forces or more likely the fledging central government in Baghdad. Most recently, the Administration--sensing lack of real progress on the reconciliation gambit--are now working in the back rooms toward a partition of Iraq.

    This plan for partition was once promoted by a group of academics and Senator Joe Biden. It was rejected by the White House and criticized right-wing pundits then, but now it's the 'new way forward.'

    (h/t ThinkProgress)

    Posted by Geoff

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