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    18 May 2004
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    Hello All,

    George Soros and Warren Buffet are sounding the same note concerning the "War on Ill Will". These guys are among the richest (Buffet is 2nd) in the world because of their ability to foresee future trends and the big picture. Take a look at what Soros is saying.


    Also, we need to look no further than Israel to see how Wars on Terror turn out. Wars on things other than countries don't seem to turn out well. Anyone remember the War on Drugs? The war on drugs was totally ineffectual because the root of the problem was not attacked. The cause of the demand for drugs needed to be 'fought', not foreign producers. In this case, the cause of the hatred of America needs to be 'fought' and less emphasis should be put on killing terrorists. Killing terrorists makes more terrorists (See Israel). Does anyone think that terrorism would stop if Osama Bin Laden and all terrorist leaders were killed? (Israel two weeks ago killed THE Hamas leader AND HIS REPLACEMENT but oddly terrorism continued and some Israelis were dismembered by Hamas) How are we not smart enough to look at this ongoing case study? Why don't we look at what worked in Northern Ireland???

    I think we can be smarter (But I'm just an arrogant liberal)


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