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    14 June 2004
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    In January of 2003 Sean Baker of Lexington, KY was ordered by a lieutenant at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, Camp Delta, to wear an orange jump suite an act like an unruly detainee. While playing this unsupervised role he was beaten by four fellow soldiers to the point of brain damage. After initial resistance from the military, an appeal by Kentucky Congressman Ben Chandler and Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy was recently submitted, and just recently an inquiry was announced my the military

    This is just an addition to the recent uproar about alleged abuse in our detention facilities, and could be scene as obvious incompetence of the DoD and others in this administration.

    Now some OK news:

    Poll / Date / John Kerry vs. george bush
    Fox = (6/9) 45 to 41
    LA Times = (6/9) 51 to 44
    Gallup = (6/8) 50 to 44
    Zogby = (6/7) 44 to 42
    ARG = (6/3) 48 to 46

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