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    02 June 2004
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    Well it's late but tonight is/was an important night as a small step forward towards taking back the House. Keeping up with the polls in S.D. (scroll to the bottom third to get to the most recent election results for the House, the rest is the Democratic primary results)it looks like the House of Rep. will be tilting a little more to the LEFT, maybe america is regaining her sanity (hopefully by mid Nov. I'll be able to spell it with an 'A'), anyway:




    here is the replacment Rep. Mrs. Herseth

    About 3,000+ votes difference, Kerry won big with 82%

    This "victory" will be short lived, she will have to run again in Nov. and the Republican contender admitted he would be happy if he was within 5% (if my memory serves me correctly). All things said and done, leader Daschle has his work cut out for him in November. But don't we all?

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