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    09 August 2004
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    I love to cover polls, but I tend to stay away from Fox polls for obvious reasons. But the disaster that this president has lead himself into has shown up in even a Fox sponsored poll(in .pdf).

    It is an excellent poll, and very indepth. I asks an array of questions not just the simple question you see followed by numbers. It lists the different ratings of the president from 2000 till now and similar stats of the other three important figures. Some numbers that are astonishing are stats concerning their approval ratings in individual issues:

    -Economy Bush 36% Kerry 44%
    -War on Terror Bush 44% Kerry 38%
    -Situation in Iraq Bush 41% Kerry 40%
    -Education Bush 34% Kerry 47%
    -Health Care Bush 31% Kerry 49%
    -Taxes Bush 41% Kerry 42%

    This poll would never reach the eyes of its loyal viewers, or intelligent people who read this blog.

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