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    16 September 2004

    Bad News Thursday

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    Estimate contrasts Bush statements, says civil war possible

    A highly classified National Intelligence Estimate assembled by some of the government’s most senior analysts this summer provided a pessimistic assessment about the future security and stability of Iraq.

    The National Intelligence Council looked at the political, economic and security situation in the war-torn country and determined — at best — the situation would be tenuous in terms of stability, a U.S. official said late Wednesday, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

    Iraq war illegal? No Shit!!

    More Hostages. . .

    The three were employed by Gulf Services Company, a Middle East-based construction firm, and were seized from a two-story house surrounded by a wall in the al-Mansour neighborhood, said Col. Adnan Abdel-Rahman, a ministry official.

    The U.S. Embassy confirmed that two of its citizens, Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong, had been kidnapped. The embassy did not give details of their hometowns.

    The British Embassy in Baghdad confirmed the third man was British but said no further details would be released until his family had been informed.

    At least four other foreigners — two Frenchmen and two Italian women — have been taken hostage in recent days. On Wednesday, villagers north of Baghdad had found three decapitated bodies, said to be Iraqis, with their hands bound.

    and finaly,

    Wake up democrats! Come out of your idealogical coma republicans! Iraq is sliding downhill while we sit here and bicker about the last foolish unnecessary war we fought. Our soldiers are dying at an increasing rate. The last four months, the death rate per day has gone from 1.67 to 1.87 to 2.42 to 3.0. This should be trending in the opposite direction after the 'handover'. The coalition of the willing, which was small to begin with is becoming smaller. Spain, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Honduras, the Phillipines, Thailand, Norway, and Singapore among others have totally abandoned or drastically lowered troop levels in Iraq. Our half-assed occupation is training thousands of american-hating muslims to be effective guerillas. Their tactics have gotten more deadly and accurate.

    Read about it here from the AP

    Think back to our Revolutionary War. At the beginning, the patriots were a smaller ragtag bunch of poorly trained angry folks. Augmented by British tactical ineptitude and heavy handed misguided attacks, our forces became effective guerilla and conventional warriors while growing in numbers. This is happening in Iraq. Just letting you know.

    I have an uncle and a good friend over there that just got married. This problem needs to be fixed. Obviously what we have been doing and what we are doing isn't working.

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