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    15 February 2005

    I wonder. . .

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    when the thorn growing in the side of our president will merit a disinformation campaign and an intervention for strategic interest cloaked in the rhetoric of (fill in blank), lets say human rights.

    I'm speaking of Hugo Chavez and Venezuela, our major supplier of oil. First of all bushco hate him. Recently he Bought arms from Russia and Brazil, much to the surprise (or disgust) of the US. Robert Zoellick (some bush guy in the state dept.) said that Latin American nations must join together to protect democracy against a "creeping authoritarianism" that has been taking root in the region. But we worried about a conflict between Columbia and Venezuela but today they appear to have mended(?) there rift.
    Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva began today in Guyana the second stage of his Latin American tour to boost sub-regional integration and continue improving relations with the English-speaking Caribbean.

    The visitor arrived in this capital last night, after a busy day in Venezuela, where he signed several agreements with President Hugo Chavez in what they called a strategic alliance between both countries.

    On another note, another feeble attempt to weaponize space fails. I love it when my $ goes up in smoke...

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