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    11 March 2005
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    But first, My thoughts go out to the victims and the people of Spain. One year later...

    Now, prior to November Republicans "put-off" a look into the intelligence surrounding the wrong if not fabricated intel re. WMDs due to the political climate of your dear leader. Today Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), Senate Intelligence Chairman, came out with a similar statement:
    Following a speech Thursday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Roberts was asked whether the inquiry's second phase would be taken up this spring. He listed three main parts of the investigation and dismissed the merits of each:

    --On whether the administration overstated Iraq intelligence in public remarks, Roberts said his committee could ask why officials made such strong, declarative statements about Iraq's weapons, but they would reply that their statements were based on ``bum intelligence.''

    ``To go through that exercise, it seems to me, in a postelection environment, we didn't see how we could do that and achieve any possible progress,'' he said. ``I think everybody pretty well gets it.''

    --On whether the estimates regarding the postwar situation in Iraq were accurate, Roberts said the intelligence was ``all over the lot.'' For instance, he said a predicted humanitarian crisis from a wave of refugees proved wrong.

    He said other issues before the committee take precedent over further study of Iraq intelligence, including the new national intelligence director, intelligence reform and ``pre-emptive oversight'' on North Korea, Iran and other areas.

    --On whether the Office of Special Plans -- an intelligence office reporting to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld -- operated appropriately, Roberts said there was no evidence the office had a significant impact on the national intelligence estimate of October 2002, a document the administration relied on to help make the case for the invasion.

    ``I do think the secretary of defense is entitled to have the best intelligence that he deems possible, so we sort of came to a crossroads and that is basically on the back burner,'' he said.

    Later in the day, Roberts' spokeswoman Sarah Little said the committee is still looking into issues saved for the inquiry's second phase. Roberts' comments were ``his personal view of the difficulties that the committee staff faces in engaging in phase two. He has ordered staff to follow every lead,'' Little said.

    I don't trust 'em...

    These are people who kept 11 year old children in Abu Ghraib and we Republican or Democrat, left of right should not trust or believe them.

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