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    15 March 2005
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    Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi says Italian Troops out of Iraq soon:

    ROME (Reuters) - Italy will start to withdraw its troops from Iraq this September, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said Tuesday.

    "We will begin to reduce our contingent even before the end of the year, starting in September, in agreement with our allies," he said in an interview on state television RAI.

    Italy has 3,000 troops in Iraq, the fourth largest foreign contingent after the United States, Britain and South Korea.

    Enerst T Bass went into the dark void at freerepublic (no link, conservative rag) and pulled this:
    To: MadIvan

    If we still have troops in Kosovo, we should pullout. Let the EU-ro-peons deal with it.

    I'm fed up with these wussies dumping everything in our lap.

    Ernest followed with:
    "Dumping everything in our lap."

    That is comical.

    Bush dumped it in the world's lap. Bush created the mess. The Italians have reasonably concluded their participation in Bush's mess is not tenable, and they have made a decision to pull out.

    "Dumping everything in our lap," indeed. Check your diapers, freepers. Looks like it is you who have soiled yourselves.

    I believe Ernest hit a HR...



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