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    26 May 2005

    The Bolton Documents

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    What is in those documents that the Democrats requested on Bolton and why is bushCo. withholding them? [Update 830 pm 26 May]Armando asked the same question at dKos today as well.

    Earlier in May Dems requested info that they suspected would prove that "Bolton was spying on other government officials he suspected of disagreeing with or undermining his views on sensitive topics such as Cuban and Syrian weapons capabilities."

    Mr. Biden said on Face the Nation (from Raw Story) "The real question here is how far did John Bolton stretch the truth or stretch the facts, regarding intelligence." Mr. Biden continued (as represented in the article)"the panel needed the documents to learn more about whether Mr. Bolton, as under secretary of state for arms control, had sought "to push the envelope" in making public assertions about Syria, Cuba and other countries that were not supported by objective intelligence assessments." Basically he wants to see if he is a warmonger.

    Dr. Rice says
    ...that the information involves "internal deliberations" and their disclosure could have a chilling effect on debates within the administration.

    Her State Dept stated
    "I don't think we're stiffing anybody here (...) We feel we've given all of the information that's required under those circumstances."

    Let me reiterate that the Dems are not obstructing anything! bushCo. is the party withholding information (information requested by members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) and causing the obstruction. Don't believe the hype!

    I think Senator Jay Rockefeller knows something but can't disclose it.

    That said, let me ask again; What are they hiding?

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