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    08 May 2005

    Memo update

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    petition here, sign it!!:

    Some analysis by Justice not Vengeance here:
    The July 2002 memo confirms what was long known:

    that the British Government had decided on war by mid-2002; that the evidence and intelligence was 'fixed around the policy' rather than the evidence determining the policy; that dislodging Saddam Hussein (misleadingly referred to as 'regime change') rather than disarmament was the key goal from the very beginning; that UN inspectors were seen from the outset as a public relations device rather than as a means of disarmament; that Britain (and the US) were trying to create a situation in which Baghdad would refuse to re-admit the inspectors, in order to create a political and legal justification for a war they were already committed to for other reasons; that Tony Blair and his ministers lied through their teeth.

    THX to Christian Dem in NC @ dKos here

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