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    16 May 2005

    Newsweek and how the pentagon is in damage control

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    Sources at the pentagon are covering up their story rather than protecting our vulnerable troops and our country. Newsweek explains...
    "On Saturday, Isikoff spoke to his original source, the senior government official, who said that he clearly recalled reading investigative reports about mishandling the Qur'an, including a toilet incident. But the official, still speaking anonymously, could no longer be sure that these concerns had surfaced in the SouthCom report."

    So there was no retraction. Just a small mistake or internal pressure from the Pentagon was admitted.
    Check out the discussion here.

    The actions of this government are absolutely detestable. The shame of being American is growing at alarming rates.

    It's funny; bushCo claims he acted based on "faulty information" and "bad intelligence" - the exact errors he is now accusing Newsweek of. However, as a result of Bush's actions, 1,600 service men and women are dead, as are 100,000+ Iraqis. Besides does anyone really believe we haven't used the Koran as an agent for torture.

    [I hope this post is more readable please comment if it is difficult to read, thx in advance]

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