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    11 May 2005

    Iraq worse under US than Saddam

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    A diarist at dKos put these stats together.

    via more or less for Saddam figures.
    Saddam Hussein is responsible for approximately 230,000 deaths or 'disappearances' from his civilian population (actual figures are not available, sources differ between 160,000 and 300,000). Military casualties are not considered, although they may be as high as 600,000 between the Iran-Iraq war and both Gulf Wars.

    His rule (estimated from the date he gained executive power as "acting deputy chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council" - 17/7/1968 - to the date of the first American military action in Iraq - 3/20/2003) was 12,664 days.

    via Anti-War for post-Saddam stats.
    The count is currently estimated at a minimum of 21,523, and grows daily. This includes Iraqi police officers, but not insurgents.

    The American occupation of Iraq is at 961 days.

    Under Saddam: 18.16 civilian deaths or 'disappearances' per day

    Under US occupation: 22.39 civilian deaths per day.

    A bit unfair, but I hope we can strive in the future as things calm down, if they calm down, to reverse this stat so that Saddam appears to be the bad guy not the West.

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