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    11 May 2005

    Iraq propaganda update

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    More light shed on reality in Iraq. The news sounds great at first but it is all a lie, propaganda, vietnam style. The Military knows that the majority of people in America will read the first headlines and that's it, they don't follow up to get the truth. Anyway, it seems like the number of dead insurgents didn't come out to be a nice round number of 100 earlier this week, but far fewer.
    Though military commanders in Baghdad announced that 100 insurgent fighters were killed in the early fighting, along with three Marines, Davis' figures were lower. He said "a couple of dozen" insurgents had been killed in Ubaydi, about 10 at another river crossing near Al Qaim, and several who were killed by air strikes north of the river.

    Other commanders said they had recovered few bodies but had seen blood trails that suggested insurgents were dragging away wounded or dead fighters.

    The number of insurgents in the region is "in the hundreds," Davis said. "How many hundreds is tough to tell."

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