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    02 August 2005

    Tropical activity, why is it so active?

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    The answer is it is not. We are returning to normal, recent history has been inactive due to el NiƱo. Dr . Jeff Masters addresses our season so far and the variables that leed to major hurricanes and active seasons (he has pics!).
    Why has this hurricane season been so active? Part of the reason lies in a decades-long natural cycle in hurricane activity that in 1995 switched to a high-hurricane activity mode. Hurricane activity has been above normal since 1995, and will likely continue to be for the rest of this decade and the next.

    Additionally, there are six key ingredients are necessary for tropical cyclone formation (you can read about these in full detail in the Tropical Cyclone FAQ. We'll focus on three of them in particular that have been highly conducive to tropical cyclone formation during this remarkable hurricane season of 2005.

    Most probably don't know this but I'm a physics major with a concentration in meteorology; minor in poly sci. Why poly sci? Because bushCo. made me mad enough to actually care about politics where as before I was clueless. The handling of 11 September 2001 was enough. No action, allowing UBL to get away. The war on Iraq didn't help either, I was one of the only people in Charleston that felt that WMDs were imaginary. Being correct is bittersweet, too many have died; on both sides.

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