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    13 October 2005

    Drinking Liberally - Charleston, SC

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    A little late, sorry...
    That headline from this week's The Onion is enough to make it my
    standard newspaper.

    So what is going on these days in the Secret Land of the Libs???

    US Senator Evan Bayh will be in Charleston this Friday!! The meet & greet is a fundraiser for the SC Democratic Party. Blind Tiger on Broad St., 4-5pm. Be there or be square.

    DL Charleston has a great page on MySpace, thanks to Sadie's enthusiasm (and lack of employment. Sadie you could solve that issue if you became a crony.) Don't worry if you're not a MySpace subscriber; you can still access and read stuff there, and she's doing a fab job of keeping announcements and news updated! Hope on and take it for a ride ... http://www.myspace.com/charlestondl

    Speaking of .......... DL Charleston's forum. Now that you can link from our MySpace page to the Drinking Liberally Charleston forum, we may start getting real traffic there, so we need to tidy it up. If you'd like to be the moderator or administrator for the forum, let us know and we'll get you going.

    Thoughts of changing location are being bandied about by a few, so it must be time once again to get your opinions. Please let us know at 'Charleston' at 'drinkingliberally' dot'org' whether you want to stay at Voodoo or begin meeting somewhere else in the near future.

    So, as we anxiously await Harriet Miers' confirmation hearing, the pResident's fuel bill for his 8th trip to New Orleans, Boy Wonder's next orchestration, and Mr Cheney Sir's next big Halliburton deal, let's raise our spirits while we raise our glass, and share ideas while we share a pitcher at this week's installment of .........

    Drinking Liberally Charleston
    Voodoo Lounge
    15 Magnolia Road
    West Ashley

    "I think that steroids ought to be banned from baseball." White House,
    Oct. 4, 2005 -- Someone should let Dubya know they've been banned since

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