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    13 December 2005

    1000 days of war

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    One thousand days ago today, our country mistakenly (deliberately) attacked Iraq preventively (it was not preemptive! Look it up.). Since then a lot has changed: The mission was accomplished... but then it wasn't. The rational has taken several forms, all but one being even remotely accurate. We fought Saddam's (so called 'threatening') forces, followed by the Shiite's, now the Sunni's, and most likely in the coming days/months/years the warring Sunni's, Shiite's and Kurd's as the last diplomat, Marine, mercenary, and freelance Haliburton truck driver is freed from the failed policies derived by the AEI, ingrained in the PNAC and embraced as the theoretical doctrine of neo-conservatives nationwide. (note: Imagine if the House Republicans had passed their immediate withdrawal plan last month. Yeah I typed that right. The Repubs!).
    As the war, that was supposed to protect the U.S. and its allies in the Middle East, gains us undenialable and unacceptable results in Amman, London, Saudi Arabia, Istanbul, et cetera... perhaps we should at some numbers (link)
    $204.4 billion: The cost to the U.S of the war so far.

    2,339: Allied troops killed

    15,955: US troops wounded in action

    98: U.K troops killed

    30,000 : Estimated Iraqi civilian deaths

    0: Number of WMDs found

    66: Journalists killed in Iraq.

    63: Journalists killed during Vietnam war

    8: per cent of Iraqi children suffering acute malnutrition

    53,470: Iraqi insurgents killed

    67: per cent Iraqis who feel less secure because of occupation

    $343: Average monthly salary for an Iraqi soldier. Average monthly salary for an American soldier in Iraq: $4,160.75

    5: foreign civilians kidnapped per month

    47: per cent Iraqis who never have enough electricity

    20: casualties per month from unexploded mines

    25-40: per cent Estimated unemployment rate, Nov 2005

    251: Foreigners kidnapped

    70: per cent of Iraqi's whose sewage system rarely works

    183,000: British and American troops are still in action in Iraq.

    13,000: from other nations

    90: Daily attacks by insurgents in Nov '05. In Jun '03: 8

    60-80: per cent Iraqis who are "strongly opposed" to presence of coalition troops

    and no end in site... just corners. The final winner? Iran.

    [UPDATE] 5 years ago today the Supreme Court briefly interrupted our democracy by handing the Presidency over to Bush. Then the American "Reichstag Fire" of 11 September 2001, and then...

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