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    07 December 2005

    The Schiavo name reenters the news

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    I though that this was going to be a fundamentalist evangelical cuckoo charity, but it isn't. This isn't Terri's parents but rather her husband Michael.
    Michael Schiavo wants to make sure voters don't forget Terri Schiavo.

    The husband of the Pinellas County woman who became the focus of a national end-of-life controversy has started a political action committee to keep the heat on politicians who tried to intervene in the case and fight his efforts to remove her feeding tube.

    "The easiest thing would be to move on and let the headlines fade," Schiavo said in a statement. "But my experience with our political leaders has opened my eyes to just how easily the private wishes of normal Americans like me and Terri can be cast aside in the destructive game of political pandering. The best way to hold them accountable is to make sure voters know where the candidates stand when they come looking for votes next November."

    The site is up and running here: www.terripac.com.

    [UPDATE] (link)
    "This was the first time since we looked at both houses that we had to leave the Senate off," said Tom McClusky, the FRC's (Family Research Council, a right-wing religious organization) director of government affairs.

    "They didn't have anything that we saw as family votes," he added. "Sometimes it seems like we got more done during the Reagan administration when [Republicans] didn't have control [of Congress] or during the Clinton administration when we didn't have the administration on our side. There is a level of frustration especially among our grassroots."

    This goes well with the whole collapse of the religious aspect of the Hasert and Frist Congress. I mean the fact that they hold the legislative and executive branches of DC, but have been unable to keep up with their agenda is amazing (and very fortunate for America). This highlights, what I would call, group-think with in the religious right. They think they are a huge organization with major political power. When in reality most Americans (right/left, the average church member, or the agnostics) do not approve of the agenda of the right. This all started when the right injected itself into Schiavo family issues.
    Others believe Frist has become less receptive to socially conservative initiatives since being criticized for his role in the controversy over Terri Schiavo, a brain-damaged woman who died this year after a state court sided with her husband and ordered her feeding tube removed.

    "There are so many issues that could be acted on," said Paul Weyrich, a prominent conservative leader who heads the Free Congress Foundation. "There are issues that the House has acted on that could be taken up in the Senate. Nothing has been taken up in the Senate. It's evident nothing is going to get done in this session because we only have a couple of weeks to go."

    "For a good period of time he was very receptive to the [conservative] social agenda," said Weyrich of Frist. "It seems after the Schiavo case that he hasn't been as interested. I don't know whether a connection is there or not."

    Off course their is a connection, you went to far and it damaged the leaders in congress. It also doesn't help when you blindly support a person for so-called salient topics (which outside of the group are just trivial issues) and that blind support in turn leads to more neocon BS, or tax cuts for a handful of rich capitalist.

    Posted by Geoff

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