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    16 December 2005

    In the world of corporate news

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    - [UPDATE] A reader posted this in the comments:
    I've got a report I did a few years ago
    regarding the NSA spying on us domestically.

    It includes a treatment of how they perform Internet email monitoring, by way of my describing how I monitored the emails of more than 7000 employees on Wall Street.


    - It is finally a fact in the main stream that Bush had intel different from the intel given to the Senate. This is the first of two contradictions by Mr. Bush today. This administration has repeatedly withheld information citing that full disclosure would have a "chilling effect on deliberations." So the whole truth isn't relevant anymore? I guess this will be justified with several references to al Qaeda.

    - It is claimed that Mr. Bush also authorized domestic espionage via a secret order in 2002.

    - Another Abramoff associate pleads guilty to fraud and conspiracy.

    - Hamas is gaining ground politically in Palestine. They join Hezbollah and the Muslim Brothers in Lebanon and Egypt.

    - Another GOP operative, James Tobin, was found guilty in NH on two counts of telephone harassment. He spent 2 hours jamming Democrats and the a local firefighter union phones during the 2002 elections. He should be found guilty of violating voters rights but we aren't perfect.

    - Bush has repeatedly refused to talk about the leaking of sensitive information citing an 'ongoing investigation.' However, he has no problem commenting on the fate of tom DeLay, adding that Delay helps him push his radical agenda. This the second contradiction for Bush, the hypocrite, today.

    Posted by Geoff

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