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    12 January 2006

    CIA Lawyer: Domestic Spying is Illegal

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    One after another; the professionals continue to claim the domestic spying program orchestrated by the Bush administration violates the law and destabilizes the entire premise of check and balances. Thus weakening the Constitution.
    Former CIA General Counsel Jeffrey Smith will testify in House hearings that there is no legal basis for President Bush's controversial National Security Agency domestic surveillance program, ABC News has learned.

    ABC News has obtained a copy of a 14-page memo Smith wrote to the House Select Committee on Intelligence in which he argues that the wiretaps are illegal.

    Hearings begin on the 20th.

    [UPDATE] In the comments, Lex informed me that ABC had broken their link. No other outlet has a story dedicated to Mr. Smith's activities.

    Here is the 14 page memo (.pdf) and a RAWSTORY link.

    Posted by Geoff

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