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    04 January 2006

    emotional rollercoaster ride

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    - First off I want to express my utmost sorrow for the families, and friends of the, now reported correctly, 12 dead miners in WV. Late last night, during the Orange Bowl, news broke that the trapped miners were freed, all but one. This followed a days worth of ominous signs that lead the public to believe, correctly, that things were bad and deaths were becoming more and more inevitable. After the Bowl game, on the news shows, the hype and relief was unbelievable, only to have that euphoria taken back this morning.

    Late last night I was thinking to myself, jokingly, about reconsidering my views WRT the existence of a God-like figure. A hard-fought Buckeye victory, followed by an OSU-Miami type battle between Penn State (who won in 3OT) and some other team from Florida, and then the great news about the WV miners created this event. Their faith and ability to keep up hope is admirable and they deserved to be reunited with their loved ones. Sadly, that never happened and now that feeling is gone.

    I hope someone is held accountable for the faulty news, because in this respect, and most others, it is extremely damaging.

    Posted by Geoff

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