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    01 February 2006

    Drinking Liberally - Charleston, SC

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    How can you tell when King George is lying?
    His lips are moving.

    He said the "state of the Union is strong."
    He did not tell the truth about American acts of torture.
    He did not vow responsibility to the people before his greed and thirst for power. He did not call for accountability for past acts through an independent investigation.
    He did not define a plan that will finally do something for the 46 million Americans who lack health insurance.
    He did not ensure that torture in our names as Americans would never happen gain.
    He did not ensure retirement security for every American.

    While I'm filling up my car with some switchgrass, we hope you're making plans to join us for Drinking Liberally this week. Anybody who's been the past couple of Thursdays will have to agree the place has been hoppin'!
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    We've got the Army Men Project coming together. In March to commemorate the third anniversary of the war, DL Charleston will be taking part in a nationwide event to spread the plastic everywhere! Check it out for yourself and bring your ideas: www.mouthswideopen.org

    Bowling Libs are growing in number - Six bowlers turned out for the good times last week. This Friday we'll do it again. If you want a piece of this action, pass Larry a note at Voodoo Thursday or shoot him an email: larry_carter_center at yahoo dot com

    Drinking Liberally now offers social space for progressive pint-pourers in 131 locations across America. And to think ... we have one right here in the Holy City!

    Voodoo Lounge
    15 Magnolia Dr
    Every Thursday
    5:30 pm until the thoughts run dry

    Bowling Liberally
    Elks Lodge
    Sam Rittenberg
    Friday night
    7:30 until 11 (if you want a chance to win $$)
    $1.75 games, free shoes, $1 beer
    FOR MORE INFO, CATCH'EM AT VOODOO THURSDAY OR EMAIL LARRY AT larry_carter_center at yahoo dot com

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