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    17 March 2006

    Censure and/or Impeach?

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    Raw Story: A new poll finds that a plurality of Americans favor plans to censure President George W. Bush, while a surprising 42% favor moves to actually impeach the President.

    A poll taken March 15, 2006 by American Research Group found that among all adults, 46% favor Senator Russ Feingold's (D-WI) plan to censure President George W. Bush, while just 44% are opposed. Approval of the plan grows slightly when the sample is narrowed to voters, up to 48% in favor of the Senate censuring the sitting president.

    Even more shocking is that just 57% of Republicans are opposed to the move, with 14% still undecided and 29% actually in favor. Fully 70% of Democrats want to see Bush censured.

    More surprising still: The poll found fully 43% of voters in favor of actually impeaching the President, with just 50% of voters opposed. While only 18% of Republicans surveyed wanted to see Bush impeached, 61% of Democrats and 47% of Independents reported they wanted to see the House move ahead with the Conyers (D-MI) resolution.

    The poll, taken March 13-15, had a 3% margin of error.

    Usual grain of salt, but probably, in the least, a good indicator that public opinion is behind the opposition not the President. The right has tried to frame the request to censure the president as a rallying point for the base. This is either not the case (a possibility, there has already been another request for censure) or the 'base' of the Republican Party has eroded; most likely within the fiscal conservative wing and centrists who have an open mind toward both parties. This leaves the ultra-religious who continually allow this administration to monger their fear as a means and enjoy the talk of a religious utopia as an end. If this is the case, then let the base be rallied. It is not the same base they had in 04, but a weaker though hardlined group of true believers (in misleaders).

    This graphic from Radical Russ through Delaware Dem captures this nicely (keep your eye on it, it'll change). [UPDATE] Wow does this look bad! It got compressed when I put it on my photo server and now looks like it would if one had a few to many Guinness' so far today. Please visit one of the links above for a better copy of the graphic.

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    The question arises of when the Dems think they should hold suspected criminals accountable to prove their innocence or face the music. Perhaps they want to wait till after the White House pushes for their conflict with Iran with hyped up claims and talks of preemptive strikes (which anyone who is logical would see this as a preventive strike but that's just semantics). Or after this so-called Operation Swarmer in Iraq. Then judge the atmosphere at that state in time. But most likely our Democratic is just weak, hoping to earn my vote by criticizing and accusing but without taking any real action.
    [UPDATE] I guess 06 comes into play here, perhaps I'm being to hard...

    What better place than here? What better time than now?

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