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    08 March 2006

    This Sums it Up

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    Gallup released polling that indicates that a majority of Americans agree with the fallacy that "God created man exactly how Bible describes it."

    This is indicative of so much, and provides further fuel to my desire to just run away. But the reality is that this is a characteristic that transcends American boarders. What is wrong with people, or is the question what is wrong with science? Have we failed somewhere that made science questionable to the masses?

    I think it is a sense of elitism among scientists that makes them so stuck on themselves they feel obligated to use big words and 30 pages of journal paper to explain simple subject matter. It's hard enough for me to read most scientific journals because they are bland and elongated to a point where no normal person would be willing to read it, much less try to replace the biblical interpretation that is so easy and spoon-fed like Santa Claus to us when we're young.

    Anyway, facts are clear but they cannot break through the closed mind of the religious.

    Posted by Geoff

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