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    13 March 2006

    San. Frist Has Completely Lost It

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    WaPo: Frist, appearing on ABC's "This Week," said that he hoped al-Qaeda and other U.S. enemies were not listening to the infighting.

    "The signal that it sends, that there is in any way a lack of support for our commander in chief who is leading us with a bold vision in a way that is making our homeland safer, is wrong," Frist said.

    My God! Who in their right mind would think that there is significant support for anything this President does?

    Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low

    Job approval 37%

    Few support this President because he has failed in a variety of ways and is a danger to this country.

    This may be a surprise (wink, wink), but I completely support Sen. Feingold's motion to censure. It is only symbolic but that is the only avenue of accountability from a corrupted Congress.

    Since when do we worry about what Iran or al-Qaeda are thinking regarding our domestic politics? The Republican Party's use of foreign threats for fear mongering and political gain is sickening.

    Posted by Geoff

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