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    17 March 2006

    Drinking Liberally - Charleston, SC - Taking Action Part V

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    is the last refuge
    of the incompetent.
    ~Isaac Asimov

    We're looking for only the competent with Drinking Liberally TONIGHT 5:30 pm and our coup de grace of the Army Men Project at Vickery's Downtown!

    Tonight is extra-special, so we need all the Army Men troops we can rally at Vickery's! Not only do we finish spreading our message to BRING THEM HOME, but some of us want to get the message to Big Dickhead (that would be Dick 'I shot my friend in the face' Cheney - Geoff) himself while he's in town tonight.
    5:30ish - Gather at Vickery's
    6:30ish - Load up with little green men (see Leslie or marilyn)
    6:45ish - Swarm Downtown with BRING ME HOME
    7:00 - Hibernian Society Hall (or at least as close as we can get)
    Whenever o'clock - Regroup at Vickery's and celebrate St Pat's!

    If you haven't made it out to Drinking Liberally yet, come on down! Enjoy the thrill of mingling with a crowd of like-minded left-leaners!!

    15 Beaufain Street
    - just off King Street-

    this is wrong, if your lost leave a comment and I'll dig up a map.

    Black bean cakes and the turkey and brie sandwich are favorites for lighter diners, and there are plenty of burgers and fried stuff for those interested in junk-food snacking. It's one of the few places to dine outside downtown. (Charleston City Paper)

    DONE: James Island
    DONE: North Charleston
    DONE: Mount Pleasant
    DONE: West Ashley
    TONIGHT - Vickery's, Downtown

    Liberally yours,
    Leslie & marilyn

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