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    28 April 2006

    You can't win by just killing 'em

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    When will we learn that killing an important leader of an insurgency or movement won't necessarily stop the movement or the insurgency. In fact it is often the opposite. I'm not advocating that we quit taking the fight to them. I'm suggesting that the US PsyOpps unit, or whomever, quit making these announcements and the media quit taking the bait.

    Anyone who thinks al Qaeda will cease to exist after we kill UBL (which I doubt we or our allies will ever do) is so utterly wrong. The same goes for the melting pot of nationalisms - including our own - in Iraq right now. When nationalism clash, people die. Our nationalism is what brought us there, much to my objection because I'm not a nationalist and don't believe liars, and it currently is upsetting the many nationalisms that exist in Iraq and the greater Middle East. And it won't end with one captured or killed because the idea exists. It is a fight for human spirit, not casualty counts.

    If the insurgency was to knock off our head military guy over there, do you think we'd quit?

    U.S. Forces Kill a Key Insurgent in Iraq

    al-Qaida Leaders Losing Control, U.S. Says

    100, 150 times I've heard this.

    Posted by Geoff

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