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    20 July 2006

    A Turkey - Kurdistan front? [UPDATE]

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    [UPDATE 07.21.2006] Reuters and the AFP are reporting a conflict on the Turkey-Iraq(Kurdistan) border friday that killed 4 PKK troops and one Turkish soldier. The Turk was thrown from his helicopter after it came under fire.

    Let me first say three things: We should all hope this doesn't happen (unless, of course, you are a neocon). This probably won't happen. I'm posting this in a short amount of time so I'll be brief.

    Zaman newspaper (Turkey) is reporting the presence of 150,000 Turkish troops on the boarder of Iraq. They are on a high state of alert and any military leave has been canceled. Given the recent attacks on Turkish soldiers by the PKK (14 dead in recent days) this pending incursion by Turkey seems to be gaining legitimacy from Israel's recent actions and American inaction.
    Turkey told the US administration, which is opposed to Turkey launching a cross-border operation into northern Iraq "unilaterally," that "the US should fulfill its responsibilities as an ally of Turkey and stop pursuing double-standard policies."

    ...diplomatic sources said: "Turkey offered to act in cooperation with its allies to eliminate terrorism entirely. Our allies should make similar efforts also. Allies with a common vision should cooperate."

    More (see the 3rd brief)

    Posted by Geoff

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