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    06 August 2006

    Anti-Murtha lawyer and Marine expand libel suit

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    What will the two-faced, right-wing blogosphere do in reaction?

    In response to comments made by many public officials, including Rep. Murtha, in reference to alleged murders by Marines in Haditha Iraq, a Marine and a team of lawyers plan to sue Democrat John Murtha for defamation, libel, and invasion of privacy. The only problem is the lawsuit was obviously politically driven and several other commenters were, and still are, absent from the suit. That lawsuit has now increased by one more member of Congress.

    Late Friday it was reported that Republican Rep. John Kline was contacted by the Marines lawyer and notified that he could also "...be sued for libel if he did not apologize." Klein's office has agreed to comply with the threat. One would hope that Murtha would comply as well given that he made these statements to highlight the pressure our military is under in their campaign to prop-up failed policy, or he could beat the baseless suit in court.

    Will the right-wingers end their outrage at Murtha over this, be willing to throw Klien into this, or conveniently look the other way?

    Posted by Geoff

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