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    09 August 2006

    WaPo Poll: 90 Days and counting...

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    Most of us, well some, saw this latest poll in Tuesdays WaPo. What great news for our country and progressives, the population is finally opening up their eyes and finding the ability to recognize bad policy and the party that supports it. But it also shows how poor of a job the Democrats are doing to fill that void (although they are improving),still they will probably blow this. Here is a snip:
    Most Americans describe themselves as being in an anti-incumbent mood heading into this fall's midterm congressional elections... Among voters across the board, 38 percent say they are more likely to oppose candidates who support Bush on Iraq compared with 23 percent who are more likely to support them. ... The generic ballot question ... remained unchanged from the spring, with 52 percent favoring Democrats and 39 percent supporting Republicans. ... The Democrats' lead stems from a big advantage among independents.

    Now for what the poll captured but what wasn't reported.

    Iraq, the economy, gas prices, health care, and terrorism are the top five issues currently, to those polled.

    While Bush's approval jumped to 40%, 50% of those polled disapproved of his "campaign against terrorism" and the handling of "[t]he situation between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon." Almost half realize that both sides are partially responsible for the chaos in Palestine, while leaning on Hezbollah as the group most at fault. While they think the amount of force used by Israel is just, the amount of civilians killed is not (see next post). Those polled think the Democrats would do a better job dealing with Iraq (43% to 40%) and fighting the War on Terrorism (46% to 38%). 64% realize that Bush has no plan for Iraq.

    59% of those polled disapproved of his handling of the economy.

    It appears that the Democrats message is resonating well going from 44% of those polled who think the Democrats are "offering the country a clear direction that's different from the Republicans" to 48, while those who don't agree dropped from 52% to 47%. The Republican continue to appear to those polled as strong leaders, they recognize that the Democrats are more concerned with peoples needs.

    This poll was weighted slightly towards Democrats and independents with most casting themselves as moderate, followed by conservative (at around 40% each). 20% see themselves as liberal.

    Posted by Geoff

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