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    10 August 2006

    A new War on Terror

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    I agree 100% with Tammy, though I’d give credit to many others, including the good old US. Our military may be spinning its wheels in Iraq, but our intel community isn’t. They weren't involved this time but they are working hard.

    For an expert update on the alleged devices that were to down numerous airplanes we turn to Dick Destiny
    With GlobalSecurity.Org senior fellow hat on, it can be said there is no bomb sitting in your bathroom. It's exaggeration for the sake of story-telling. If your ingredients are a bottle of nail polish remover, and a bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, you have two parts for a poor man's explosive called tri-acetone peroxide. If you can identify an inorganic acid in your household, you can, maybe, cobble a synthesis together if you know what you're doing. With the quantities available in most households, though, you don't have a jet-liner killer. And other factors involved in the synthesis, which Dick Destiny blog won't go into, make it an odd and awkward choice for synthesis on an airplane flight.

    Much more at the link as well as a good old media debunking.

    The bigger question we must discuss is what the War on Terror is and should be; how is it going; and what can we do to move beyond just waging war and disrupting plots; breeding new terrorists and relying on luck to stop them. The chaos at our airports today for a foiled plot that had not even been put into motion (the terrorists weren’t even headed to the terminals, the bombs weren’t even operational) is a testament to the fact that we can not sustain this level of chaos indefinitely and we must explore alternatives in order to wage the War on Terrorism on multiple fronts and with greater success. This does not mean starting over but expanding our current operations, and looking to the future. Rather than disrupting terrorist plots, we should also be starving terrorists of their recruiting tools and thus their plots. For this we will need the thoughts of experts; not politicians and pundits. We will start here. I was lucky enough to sit through a panel presentation (briefly mentioned here) with three of the experts that contributed to this poll and report; I found it incredibly enlightening. Look for my post late this weekend.

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