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    29 September 2006

    From someone close to the White House

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    "It's hard to overstate how frantically the White House has swung into damage control in response to the NIE on terrorism. It's the biggest deal here this week - not the escalation in Bush's rhetoric on terrorism, not Abramoff, not Bob Woodward's new book, not the housing picture. Bush has not discussed Iraq without trying to spin the NIE. For quite some time, we'd heard Bush use his speeches to challenge the idea that attacking Iraq had stirred up a "hornet's nest." And he'd been offering up variations on "some say Iraq made terrorism worse, I disagree." Now we know who "some" were: The US intelligence community." [Link]

    Ha! Imagine when he has to release the full NIE. Or when he has to release the NIE that is actually on Iraq.

    The incompetence of this administration and the sheer unmitigated ignorance of his supporters has really wrecked our chances in winning in Iraq thus making the global war on terror that much harder.

    Pat yourselves on your backs, you bunch of assholes!

    Posted by Geoff

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