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    21 September 2006

    Republicans cave, torture to continue

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    Party before country, party before everything. It's the Republican way.

    First it was Fascism, then Stalinism and Maoism, and today we have... Bushism.
    ...or maybe it can just be conservatism.

    "If this languages becomes law, the Congress will have given us the clarity and the support that we need," says Gen. Hayden, CIA director, referring to the six techniques that are close to being authorized.

    I was right about Sen. Graham and the other so-called rebels, they folded.

    Now what we get to do is wait to for the Red Cross report on the detainees from the black-op prisons that the CIA ran until recently (reports are that they - CIA agents - refused to continue to run the prisons - call them camps - forcing Bush and friends to open up and move the detainees to Gitmo). These reports from the Red Cross will shed a little more light on what our Government has been doing in our name.

    More shame on America and more terrorists bred. The rhetoric of UBL is justified even more. Another 'W' for the bad guys.

    Party before country.

    Posted by Geoff

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