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    15 September 2006

    "Manufacturing our own reality" [UPDATED]

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    Anyone care to guess why we - meaning our government - are in the business of just making things up, again?
    The UN nuclear watchdog has protested to the US government over a report on Iran's nuclear programme, calling it "erroneous" and "misleading". [link]

    Pat Lang tees one up...
    Once again, we seem to be in the business of "manufacturing" our own reality. Before the Iraq intervention the US government asserted that SH's government was in violation of many UN Resolutions that had required Iraq to disarm. Iraq HAD disarmed and all the world knows that now, but the US government insisted that this was not true. The US government also insisted that SH's government was impeding the work of the UN inspectors under Blix. The inspection team insisted then and now that this was not true and that delays were temporary and overcome between the two sides.

    Now we are "manufacturing trut[h]" about Iran.

    What is the purpose of this deception?

    I think we all know what the 'purpose' is.

    You think it was hard getting a coalition of the willing - pause for laughter - for Iraq, just wait and see how successful it will be for Iran. Here is the short version of the next Republican led foreign policy failure: We practice unilateral preventive warfare - again - versus Iran, we get bogged down - again - and at a much higher level with way worse consequences, many American soldiers are wasted, UBL and other extremist mouthpieces rhetoric is vindicated, the threat of terrorism goes up as it has since March 2003.

    Republican led you ask? You bet:
    The 29-page report, principally written by a Republican staff member on the House intelligence committee who holds a hard-line view on Iran, fully backs the White House position that the Islamic republic is moving forward with a nuclear weapons program and that it poses a significant danger to the United States. But it chides the intelligence community for not providing enough direct evidence to support that assertion.

    A Huston chronicle blogger put it best: "History Repeating."

    Posted by Geoff

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