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    08 September 2006

    Kurdish Terrorism and the US Military

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    One of the biggest threats our adventure in Iraq has brought is the situation in Northern Iraq and the Kurdish regions of Syria, Iran, and Turkey. Controlling the irrendentalist Kurds was never an issue, for pro-war conservatives that is, but it will likely be a main point in the decades ahead.

    This problem took another step forward this summer with Turkish troops entering Iraq to take care of what the Iraqi government and US/Coalition forces could not. Following the recent campaign of bombings throughout Turkey, it isn't surprising that the US military has been warned (banned without permission from high-ranking officials) against traveling to Turkey.

    Given the fiasco earlier this week surrounding the official beginning of talks about federalism (a precursor to a partition) in Iraq. Or the new logic that the Iraqi flag has no place in Kurdistan (aka the other Iraq).

    We are - yet again - one step closer to the inevitable end of Iraq and the fragile security the entire region once had. It's so troubling that a Physics major had a better idea of the realpolitik in the region than those "officals" in DC. And a Poli Sci major was born...

    Posted by Geoff

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