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    09 October 2006

    N Korea joins nuclear block; time to attack Iran?

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    That would be the logical conclusion… using Bush logic.

    Today North Korea announced that it had detonated a half-kiloton nuclear device underground. So far I've read that South Korea and Australia have observed seismic activity in the upper Northeastern region of North Korea in the same area that Pyongyang claims the test was carried out. If one is to trust my little seismic widget (see pic below) and assume its getting its info from the US Geological survey - or whatever - then it's safe to assume we've seen/felt the detonation as well.

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    [UPDATE] US confirms.

    Now assuming the reports are true, the logical conclusion from Bush country is to attack the lesser threat; at this point Iran. Using the fact that after we designated Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the axis of evil, we then proceeded to attack the country that possessed the lesser threat to the US and little to any of our regional allies (even if you believed the WMD sham or eminent threat BS). Now North Korea may have nuclear capabilities, Iran does not. Bush Doctrine 101: Attack Iran.

    Watch out Tehran, get ready for a dose of democratic reform, American style!

    OK, snarks aside... this is bad news for East Asia.

    Posted by Geoff

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