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    14 December 2006

    The Only Fitting Way for the Republicans to Retake the Senate

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    The media yesterday reported that Democratic Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota "underwent surgery late Wednesday, weeks before his party is to take control of the Senate by a one-vote margin". Those close to the Senator have indicated that things are "definitely not good." This morning the AP reported that the Senator was in "critical condition Thursday after late-night brain surgery."

    Now we all know that the media is sensationalist. So about as much credibility should be given to these early reports as were given to Senator Frist when he diagnosed Terri Schiavo via home movies. Skeptical doctors are already weighing in on the diagnosis as it is being presented by the media.

    But put all that aside. Can anyone come up with a more fitting scenario for; one, the Republicans to balance the majority in the Senate; and two, Vice President Richard Cheney becoming even more of a political force. All this power may be handed to Dick Cheney and the Republicans, not because he or they deserve it or because he or they were given an electoral mandate. No, they may get it because a fellow American has become too ill or otherwise incapacitated to finish his democratically granted term. Add this to Dick Cheney's legacy should the Senator's condition prevent him from serving his term and allow the Republican establishment in SD to replace him with a Republican.

    Get better Senator, for your family and friends.

    Watch Fox News discuss just how they can declare Senator Johnson "Incapacitated." From ThinkProgress.

    KILMEADE: Steve, remember we were down this road before? If something happens that Johnson can’t continue, 50-50 with Dick Cheney breaking the tie.

    DOOCY: That’s right, and you know, in the state of South Dakota, I understand there is the issue of incapacitation. It’s not spelled out in the state law, at the state level. However, the secretary of state of South Dakota says there would be a precedent at the federal level. Is that how you understand it as well Megan?

    FOX ANCHOR: Yeah, indeed, there’s a big laundry list that they would have to go through in order to determine that he is incapacitated. It’s something that, ironically enough, might be weighed in on by his advisers. In other words, Sen. Harry Reid, the incoming majority leader, and Chuck Schumer, may advise him on whether he should declare his incapacity, if in fact he’s in a position where he can declare it or not. And so, we’ll have to see what happens in terms of, you know, what exactly his condition is and who’s going to weigh in on whether it should be declared an incapacitation or whether that’s just clear from the facts.

    Disgusting and -- shockingly -- partisan.

    Posted by Geoff

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