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    19 July 2007

    Monday's Democratic Debate at the Citadel

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    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to make a quick request/offer and extend an invitation.

    I’m lucky enough to have gotten my hands on press credentials for the Democratic debate this upcoming Monday (23 July 2007 from 7 PM to 9 PM ET). I’ll be in the so-called spin room all afternoon and evening. There I’ll have some type of access to all the pundits, spinmeisters and perhaps some of the candidates. If you have any interest in politics then you know that you can submit questions [find links: www.youtube.com/debates] through YouTube here. [UPDATE: For example] I encourage anyone interested to do so. But for some reason—be it time, equipment or shyness—you are unable to create a quick vid, pass along any thoughtful questions and I’ll see what I can do. I have no idea what to expect. Any question is fine. I’m not inclined to throw these guys and gals softballs. The truth is I prefer them because they’re not Republicans, not because they’re Democrats. I have no problem watching any politician squirm. I won’t ask partisan talking point-style questions so keep whatever Rush told ya in the car today to yourself. You can send the questions via comment.

    Next… I’ll be blogging as much as possible during the event (it’s an all day event). The premise will be what happens in the spin room more than anything else. I’ll have pics and anything else noteworthy that comes up while I’m in there. I doubt I'll have video capability but maybe audio. For example, we’ll see what this free dinner is all about. I’m expecting a refreshing mix of prison and plane food. But who knows? Do they have a culinary class at the Citadel?

    Any-who, if you’re watching the debate and have an internet connection check back here and see what’s up. Furthermore, check in during the day for a look behind the scenes. Again, I have no idea what to expect!


    (Note, I'll also be working with another outfit so I apologize--in advance--if all this hype isn’t delivered on.)

    [UPDATE II] During a conference call I just participated it was mentioned that the Democratic party's after party will also be a fund raiser for the Charleston Fire Department.

    Posted by Geoff

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