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    15 July 2007

    Senator Webb vs. Graham

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    This morning on Meet the Press Senator Lindsey Graham got a whipping from Senator Jim Webb over who really supports the troops. Watch:

    Lindsey called a bill to provide adequate rest for our men and women "the greatest politicization of military action in the history of the country." I don't know how he arrived at that conclusion but that's what he said. While this comment by graham is a stretch and is probably more of a political statement than passing a bill to aid our troops, Lindsey and his Republican friends have repeatedly used politics and our armed forces together to get to political ends. Consider the vote to authorize military force in Iraq. The Republicans forced the vote to take place before the 2002 mid-term elections so that they could use a vote against the measure against Democrats. We knew then and we all know now that such a hasty vote was unnecessary and proved to be deadly to our troops and to our national security. If Webb was in the business of politicizing the troops, he would have brought up his son who actually served in Iraq fighting Lindsey's war.

    Lindsey and his acolytes are scared because supporting the troops is now a tool for the Democrats to use to force the president to change his course to a more practical one.

    Lindsey Graham needs to shut up, accept reality, support the troops and quit digging for ponies with Senator McCain. There are no ponies in the sands of Iraq. All they are finding are the dead bodies of American service members.

    Posted by Geoff

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