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    21 June 2004
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    First a little polling news. bush has pulled out to a huge lead over JFK, according to a Zogby Poll. But according to an ABC Poll bush's approval of performance rating is below 50%. When broken up into segments the only two high points are terrorism (50%) and education (for some reason it is at 51%). All other segments are below 46% with a 47% overall disapproval rating of bush's performance. Another ABC/WaPo poll gives this result:

    Kerry 48
    Bush 44
    Nader 6


    Kerry 53
    Bush 45

    One way I am coping with this news is hoping that the other third party candates from the right, the Constitution Party (canidate Michael Peroutka) or the Libertarian Party (Michael Badnarik) have a similar effect on bush's numbers, as Nader has had on Kerry. Both recieved less than 1% in 2000 while Nader got considerably more.


    Mr Johnson's photos have surfaced. I have not seen them but here is the link. I have a feeling that the central front for the war on terror has spread from Iraq and Afghanistan. To Saudi Arabia and even into Iran possibility. I hope we can contain it.

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