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    16 June 2004
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    Members of the 26-strong group of Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change:

    Avis T Bohlen, President Bush's former assistant secretary of state for arms control
    Adm William J Crowe, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under President Reagan and ambassador to UK under President Clinton; has endorsed John Kerry
    Jeffrey S Davidow, President Bush's former ambassador to Mexico
    William A DePree, ex-ambassador to Bangladesh
    Donald B Easum, ex-ambassador to Nigeria
    Charles W Freeman, ex-ambassador to Saudi Arabia
    "I think we will in time come to be very ashamed of this period in history"

    William C Harrop, President Bush Senior's ambassador to Israel
    Arthur A Hartman, ex-ambassador to Soviet Union and France
    Gen Joseph P Hoar, commander in chief of US Central Command under Bush Sr; supports John Kerry
    H Allen Holmes, ex-special operations chief
    Robert V Keeley, ex-ambassador to Greece and Zimbabwe
    Samuel W Lewis, ex-ambassador to Israel
    Princeton N Lyman, ex-ambassador to South Africa
    Jack F Matlock, ambassador to the USSR under President Reagan and President Bush Senior
    Donald F McHenry, ex-ambassador to the UN
    Gen Merrill A McPeak, former Air Force chief of staff; supports John Kerry
    George E Moose, ex-African affairs chief
    David D Newsom, former acting secretary of state
    Phyllis E Oakley, ex-intelligence and research chief
    "Today we see that structure crumbling under an administration blinded by ideology and a callous indifference to the realities of the world around it"(. . .)"Never before have so many of us felt the need for a major change in the direction of our foreign policy."

    James Daniel Phillips, ex-ambassador to Africa
    John E Reinhardt, ex-ambassador to Nigeria
    Gen William Y Smith, ex-deputy commander in chief, US European Command
    Ronald I Spiers, ex-senior UN official and ambassador to Pakistan
    Michael Sterner, ex-ambassador in Middle East
    Adm Stansfield Turner, CIA director under Carter; has endorsed John Kerry
    Alexander F Watson, ex-assistant secretary of state for Inter-American affairs

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